Saturday, September 13, 2014

Themes added to Bookviser for Windows Phone

The version 5.4 for Windows Phone has new feature now – Themes. Themes are designed to add atmosphere to your reading. They allow to customize any page element - background, bookmark, battery, time indicator and progress bar. Each theme also contains its own version of the app tile. Here is how one of the themes devoted to “A Song of Ice and Fire” looks like:

Once the theme is unlocked, use “APPLY THEME TO” tab to control which elements it should be applied to. For example you can decide to change the look of the bookmark, battery and clocks while keeping default app tile and progress bar.

Theme control tab:

You will find themes in the app store and in the Colors+themes tab in Settings tab. The Theme shortcuts reflect how the app tile will look like should you choose to apply the theme to the tile instead of keeping it default.


  1. Привет.
    Будет ли продолжаться разработка прекрасной читалки?

    1. Боюсь нет. WP почти сдалась...

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  3. I noticed the bookviser preview in Microsoft store , noticed its copyright date information is from 2016, is this ebook reader still being worked on or not, was wondering if the download preview is newer than 2016, since its now 2018, and the date for bookviser reader is 2015, and its bookviser reader premium is also 2015, my question is this project still being worked on or did the creator of this app stop its process in 2016 has this app became abandware or discontinued software etc..?

  4. Anyone there? I have been trying to reach you but the website gives an error. Please fix.

  5. I think the project is dead! Nothing work. I can't change my account password, I can't login in windows app (instead I can log in regular here in the website)... noboby answer on twitter. No facebook or mail support... all dead. What a pity!