Saturday, August 2, 2014

Portrait mode added to Windows 8 version (v.5.3)

We received many requests to add portrait mode to the tablet version. Here we go - Bookviser Reader for Windows 8 has just been updated to version 5.3 with portrait mode.

Please remember that if your tablet has old Bookviser (old icon with books), there is no way to update it. You need to install the new Bookviser Reader from scratch from the store.


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  2. Just installed booviser in windows phone (works well) and on Surface 2 tablet. On the tablet, the import of books fails everytime again at 70%....

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  7. since I also use calibre 64bit - E-book management for converting ebooks from say epub to fb2 is their any good reason to say convert them into fb2 over epub , my main question here, would be which format is best for your Bookviser Reader software, do you have an preference when importing eBooks into the software, also at times convert them into say azw3 or mobi and sometimes kfx formats for my kindle paperwhite 2 device, still not sure if their is any reason to use the new kfx format over say azw3 since the file sizes from calibre seem bigger under the kfx format then say an azw3 or mobi, since my ebook reader only has like 1GB size on it, but for my android tablets they can store more files, so I don't no if your software is also on android yet, I need to search later to see if the bookviser reader is also an android app, or just an windows 10 one. anyway I mainly was wondering about preference between epub and fb2 formats, I don't no much about the fb2 format, since calibre can only edit epub and azw3 formats, I don't use other formats that much for that reason, if I need to fix any errors in my free ebook I use calibre for that reason, I don't really like how it stores its files stuctures much under the Virtual calibre folders for my local ebooks, the subfolders its uses gets mess after a while of collecting free ebooks, the more you have the more you got to locate the ebooks under windows which is not always an good thing about calibre softrware, I guess.

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  9. I edited, my 3 questions into one post, I post them here, I correct my publishing name from unknown for my google account, I had to set my posting name under google and didn't notice it was set to unknown until after I had posted them, which I corrected, anyway below is the questions I had about this software title.

    question 1 is where are the imported eBooks stored at on the hard drive for these types of apps under windows 10, or if download free eBooks where are they also stored at? its easier for me to find my location for my calibre 64bit eBooks, but when I import them into windows store apps , I can't tell where its keeping the local files on my hard drive, and if when you download an ebookfile.epub ext. type file or import one from my collection of eBooks, if its still keeping it in the original format or where say Bookviser Reader puts them, since you can't open the locations of the files from within the app itself it seems.

    question 2 is I was wondering is their any plans to port Bookviser Reader to the Xbox one x console, since a few eBook readers have been ported to it, but only a few of the eBook Readers on the Xbox one are good, anyway I think if we could use this software on our xbox one consoles with text to speech that would be a great feature too , or just the app without text to speech too, since this is a good quality software title.

    and question 3 is I notice you can upload some eBooks into our bookviser webpage for our accounts, is their an limit on amount of eBooks or size of them which can be uploaded, also will an OneDrive feature be included for this software for importing our eBooks on either OneDrive or Google Drive, I have both type of eBook accounts on windows etc.. just wondering, its nice that we can import or as it uploads eBooks one at a time on the web page but it would be nice if we could just use say OneDrive or Google Drive and upload groups of eBooks we have instead of just one at a time, anyway, this main question I am posting here is more about what the websites limit is for our eBooks, since it doesn't say if the an max amount of uploaded data of our eBooks or how many one account can have online at a time with the page of http://www.bookviser.com/books from here is where I was wondering how many can be stored at the website at a time? I have a few big eBooks and a few small size ones, again I keep Calibre on my pc's for my local eBooks, but was wondering more about this feature you included with this software? hope this is better posted as 3 questions under one post, then posting them as 3 posts, anyway I click on notify me, when or if you feel like replying to any of my questions. I used the built to spelling correction for a few words like how it wants eBook's posted for my editing of this post, anyway that too.

  10. I noticed the bookviser preview in Microsoft store , noticed its copyright date information is from 2016, is this ebook reader still being worked on or not, was wondering if the download preview is newer than 2016, since its now 2018, and the date for bookviser reader is 2015, and its bookviser reader premium is also 2015, my question is this project still being worked on or did the creator of this app stop its process in 2016 has this app became abandware or discontinued software etc..?