Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bookviser localized for 12 languages thanks to our users

This is a tribute post to Bookviser users who volunteered to localize the app for their native languages and did a great job. We love you guys – you help us push the boundaries and bring Bookviser to places where we wouldn’t get without you.

Huge thankyou to: Petr Hovorka (Czech), Gianluca Ghini (Italian), Alaksiej Niescierau (Belarussian), Ivan Karacic (Croatian and German), Rafael Ruivo (Portuguese), Sergii Bilonozhko (Ukrainian), Michał Bliźniak (Polish), Łukasz Boratyński (Polish) and Luis Machuca (Spanish).

Dear Bookviser users, now that you know who translated this stuff, blame those people for any mistakes (kidding). Jokes apart, you guys are awesome! Thank you very much for your time and support.

Bookviser Team

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