Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bookviser for Windows Phone - Update Follow Up

Revamped Bookviser received fantastic welcome from users. Thank you guys for all your support! At the same time there manifested several issues that we’ve already addressed in the new update to version 5.2. Here they are:

1. Browser. Many users want built-in browser back, because they do not realize that they can use Internet Explorer to download books directly to Bookviser. We’ll soon publish the tutorial showing how easy it is to do that. Meanwhile we’ve added a dedicated browser button into the “get books” tab. It starts Internet Explorer from within the app (included into v.5.2).

2. Tap zones. Some users miss tap zones setup. We’ve heard you! In v.5.2 you’ll find a detailed tap zones setup tool. It gives you complete freedom to designate 3 different actions to 9 tap zones basing on your personal preferences. Useful feature for left-handers and guys with big palms and long fingers:).

3. TXT and ZIP on SD card. We received several complaints that Bookviser doesn’t see txt and zip files on SD card. This is because the app is not authorized to view them. Unfortunately, Microsoft reserves these file types for the Windows Phone system. The only thing we can recommend here is to upgrade to WP 8.1 to be able to use file manager to import books from SD card or other places on your phone.

4. Brightness. Also we got some complaints on brightness setup. The problem turned out to be connected to the inappropriate color mix for day and night themes – fixed in v.5.2.

5. Lags. General after-update app lags are best fixed by reinstall. Lags in open book – fixed in v.5.2.

6. Books not opening. Some users reported that they could not open the books they were previously reading in the old Bookviser. In all cases they managed to solve the problem by reinstalling the app.

Pick up the newest version here.

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