Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bookviser for Windows Phone version 4 published in Windows Phone Store


This update brings the following features and fixes:

1) Bookshelf sorting and searching:

2) Footnotes support:

3) Line spacing control:

4) Added Belarusian, German, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese and Ukrainian translation. Thank you to Petr Hovorka, Gianluca Ghini, Alaksiej Niescierau, Ivan Karacic, Rafael Ruivo, Sergii Bilonozhko and Michał Bliźniak for help with translation :).

5) Background and font colors:

6) Books in "recent" section on the home page are now opening directly without getting to "book details" page.

7) Tap zones, used to turn pages, became larger:

 8) Fixed OPDS catalogs.

9) Fixed book contents displaying.

10) Fixed EPUB format reading.

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