Friday, October 19, 2012

Bookviser 2 live in Marketplace


Bookviser major update is now live in Marketplace here. With this update you get:

- images support;
- formatting (bold, italic);
- landscape mode (can be turned on/off in quick settings);
- hyphenation in Russian.

Big thanks to all of you who helped to beta test. 


  1. Hello Alex! Still LOVING Bookviser, but ran into my first bug. I have an epub that I had just started reading, was on chapter one. I upgraded to the latest bookviser in the Marketplace, went back to the book and it was at the start of chapter 3.

    I closed the book, it opens on the book cover image, I see the table of contents, dedication, all that, but still jumps to chapter 3. I opened the original file with Calibre, chapter one and two are definitely in there :)

    Redownloaded from another source, same result. Would you like a copy of the epub?

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Yes, please send me this epub at bookviser@gmail.com. Thanks.