Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bookviser 2 Beta


I’m about to release a major update for Bookviser.

If you are interested in testing the Beta version please contact me at bookviser@gmail.com and provide your email associated with your phone Microsoft Account. I will send you back a download link.

Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Here are the changes included in the new version:

1) Lock screen prevention. When ON this will prevent your screen from dimming and locking when you read:

2) Page transitions can be selected separately for Portrait and Landscape mode. Tap zones are bound to transitions:

3) Bookviser now displays images and has a limited formatting support:


4) You can read in Portrait or Landscape mode. The screen either can be locked or can rotate automatically:

5) A slider has been added to jump between different book locations:


  1. Simply amazing, the best WP7 app so far. Please tell me this is coming to Windows 8 as a store app too!

  2. Thanks :). Yes, I'm about to port it to Windows 8.

  3. Awesome, that all I need. Does Bookviser 2 work on WP 7.5? Is it still free?
    Thank you!

  4. Sure, Bookviser 2 works on 7.5 and it's free :)

  5. Awesome!!!! THIS IS REAL!?!? Omg .. Im about Lock screen, it was so nervus. I hope you will realese this version soon! TY again for your work! it is realy awesome!

  6. im currently having problems with my bookviser app , it wont open .. i dont wanna change into any other reader , since i have all my books in there and other readers are not user friendly and its crap unlike bookviser .. hope you can help me ..

    1. Hi,

      Could you please provide more details? It can't start at all or it can't open a particular book? Normally it should bring you to its home screen (Recent section), if there is an error when opening a book...